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Dalubaba gave you very good advice. I don't see why using bigger toys could permanently stretch your vagina if you do the kegal exercises.These exercises are great for keeping the vagina tight. You might want to be careful about how big you go with your toys and if there's any pain of course stop using it and go back to a smaller one.

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Metz recommends having sex more often and longer to improve the stretchiness and elasticity of your vagina. You can also try easing into this with a dildo, before experimenting with your partner.

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However, this isn't permanent – the vagina generally bounces back into shape after intimacy is over. 'It's pretty impossible for sex alone to permanently stretch out the vagina,' said Dr Metz.

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Rarely if ever and I'd say never could two weeks of sex with a large penis or dildo permanently stretch a vagina. Check with your doctor or her doctor if you don't believe me. auntiejessi

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Perform these exercises once or twice a day until the dilator is no longer stretching your vagina. Then repeat the process with the next larger dilator. Intercourse will be most comfortable if you can successfully use the dilator that is just slightly larger than your partner.

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Pelvic radiation therapy If you’ve had pelvic radiation therapy as a cancer treatment, your vagina may have narrowed and have reduced elasticity. The vaginal walls may have become thin and dry, making sexual intercourse painful. Vaginal dilators can help stretch the vaginal walls and widen the vagina.

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The opening can be created, but you don't walk around with a gaping vagina just because you've been having sex,” she explains. There is one exception to this, according to Dr. Dweck.

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Myth. It is made to stretch so it does go back to its normal size. If you're with him regularly it will stay stretched to his size but once you stop having sex with him it will go back to the natural size. Just take a little bit of time. The only things that permanently changes it is child birth and aging. React.